World Health and fitness coach runs 3,500 miles to profit two charities

OMFR 7:00-8:00 P.M. A TRADER AT Earth Conditioning IN PORTSMOUTH HAS Completed AN Extraordinary FEAT. HE A short while ago Complete Advert 300,5 MILE Run Throughout THE State. HE SURPASSED HIS Objective OF Increasing $35,000 FOR TWO Businesses THAT Enable Small children WITH Cancer. HE Began IN SAANT MONICA, CALIFORNIA IN APRIL AND Completed IN MASSACHUSETTS. Family AND Mates Had been THERE TO WELCOME HIM WITH A Exclusive CELEBRATION AND With any luck ,, A SEAT FOR HIM TO SIT DOWN Right after Operating THAT Far. KEVIN: 35 IS A single Matter THAT, Whether AT THE Toes OR MILES. BUT 3,500?

New Hampshire person completes 3,500-mile operate to reward two charities

Man raised dollars to donate to corporations that assistance kids with most cancers

A trainer at Planet Conditioning in Portsmouth has attained a key feat.Michael Wilson not long ago completed a 3,500-mile run throughout the place.Wilson surpassed his intention of increasing $35,000 for two corporations that support youngsters with most cancers.Wilson commenced in Santa Monica, California, in April and finished this previous Sunday in Newburyport, Massachusetts.Loved ones and friends had been there to welcome him home with a exclusive celebration.

A trainer at World Conditioning in Portsmouth has attained a big feat.

Michael Wilson lately concluded a 3,500-mile run throughout the state.

Wilson surpassed his goal of increasing $35,000 for two organizations that assist small children with most cancers.

Wilson commenced in Santa Monica, California, in April and concluded this past Sunday in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Loved ones and close friends ended up there to welcome him residence with a distinctive celebration.