Dr. Cole voted to Central District Overall health board

The lone Elmore County commissioner to vote in favor was Al Hofer, who explained he agrees with Dr. Cole that the latest COVID-19 response just isn’t working.

ELMORE COUNTY, Idaho — On Friday, Elmore County commissioners voted 1-2 to approve Dr. Ryan Cole to the board of Central District Overall health. Cole very first gained notoriety when his Garden Town testing lab was slammed by the winter surge of COVID-19 instances in December. Considering the fact that then, the health care provider has turn into extra outspoken from the COVID-19 vaccines, when calling them “needle rape.”

Republican Ada County Commissioners, Rod Beck and Ryan Davidson, appointed Dr. Cole to the Central District Health Board following former board member Dr. Tedd Epperly was forced off the board in June. 

Epperly served on the CDH board for much more than 15 years. Beck and Davidson desired to take away Epperly and have somebody in the place that was a lot more aligned with their views.

“I imagine if they get the incorrect human being in that function, it could perhaps harm the neighborhood in regards to the value of the selections and standing up and speaking out on behalf of the public’s wellness, which is likely to be so important,” Epperly instructed The 208 in June. 

Going into the Elmore County commissioners’ assembly on Friday, Dr. Cole desired 1 additional vote to have the greater part essential to be confirmed to the board. Commissioners from the counties in CDH’s jurisdiction vote on board users who are nominated.

Prior to their vote, county commissioners interviewed Cole.

The lone Elmore County commissioner to vote in favor was Al Hofer, who claimed he agrees with Dr. Cole that the existing COVID-19 reaction isn’t really working and items have to improve.


If all a few Elmore County commissioners voted versus Cole’s appointment, the vote would have been tied at 6-6, some thing that CDH officials reported has never ever occurred. What happens when a board nominee has a tied vote is unclear since it has never ever been an concern.

Central District Health will formally verify Dr. Cole’s nomination throughout its subsequent conference.   


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